The Identity of an Escort

The escorts are mysterious, attractive and very interesting women. We associate them with an unforgettable experience of pleasure and sensuality. But we often forget that they are normal people with lives, often, as usual. What is the importance of the identity of the escort?


Prostitution is a legal and regulated activity in many countries, but it is still something very badly seen socially. Very few women admit in public to have exercised that office and those who do, are judged and questioned for the rest of their lives. Few continue their lives with pride and success after having made that confession, although there are some cases. In general, the number one standard of escorts, luxury escorts and whores is to maintain anonymity as much as possible.


The desire to protect privacy does not belong only to prostitutes, but to their clients. Although the consequences are not so devastating, no man wants to acknowledge in public that he is a regular customer of the sex market. His hobby belongs to his private sphere and nobody has to understand or approve it. It is always better to say nothing and enjoy the pleasure of meeting spectacular, available and hot women without taking into account the opinion of others.

>As long as the woman exercises voluntarily, the client is not doing anything wrong. It is an adult service exchange, fun and very satisfying for both parties. The situation is different when the man contracts the services of forced and kidnapped prostitutes, who do not receive a penny for their work and who are exploited by third parties. In that case, it would be convenient to reflect and be aware that there is no pleasure worthwhile, if it is at the expense of the suffering of others.


During the relationship, both the escort and the client know that it is a private meeting. Once finished, what happened should not come out of there, but people talk. It is unavoidable. The girls talk with other colleagues and the clients comment on the play with friends or in forums of escorts, where they tell how the experience with the escort has been and if they recommend it or not. The latter can be very beneficial for the companion, because if you receive a positive review, you will get new customers thanks to her.

The problems begin when the clients want to have too much information about the escorts, in a sector in which the discretion must be something reciprocal. Not only must the identity of the clients be protected, but also that of the girls. An exposed escort will disappear and warn other girls of what happened. There is nothing worse for the sector than lots of escorts terrified at the idea of ​​being identified. If the identity of an escort is not respected, the girl will not want to work


If you have dates with discreet girls who do not want to be discovered, respect their wishes. Have a cordial and interesting talk, but do not bother asking her about her real name or her profession. Let her tell you what she wants to say. He may tell you some of his stuff. I may lie to you. It is best to maintain fantasy and desire knowing that there are limits that should not be exceeded. Give others the same thing you expect to receive and have fun with the girl of your dreams without overshadowing the experience with gossip more worthy of a patio corillo than a distinguished and educated man like you.

The identity of an escort is something that must be respected, just like yours.

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