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Spend All Night with an Escort

One of the services most requested by the clients of Sugar Girls Barcelona is the one that consists of spending the whole night with an escort, from dinner time to dawn. Does the idea tempt you?


The idea is wonderful. Sometimes, an hour-long meeting knows little. Think about it: you miss part of the ritual of exchanging pleasure with another person. There is not much time for flirting, nor for exchanging glances, nor for gestures that are a promise of what will happen next. You will only have a few minutes to enjoy the body of your beautiful escort. And if you want to repeat and time is up, you will have to leave it for another day.

With a full night service, you will feel that you are living a seduction scene like the one seen in the movies. It will be a perfect night of dinner, laughter, complicity and lots of sex … and without the need to watch the clock.

There is also another profile regarding the full night service. It is the client who wants a march evening, a crazy party without stopping. In that case, it all starts with a dinner or a little later. The lucky man who has called Sugar Girls and his escort are going to have drinks, dance and listen to music, and then go to the hotel or to our spectacular luxury facilities in the center of Barcelona to continue with a type of party much more funny…

Toda la Noche con una Escort


As always, there are escorts specialists in both services. If you want a night of passion and romanticism, our expert girls in Girlfriend Experience will turn the full night service into one of the best memories of your life. They are girls who know perfectly how to reproduce the process of seduction that is normally lived with a partner. With them, you will feel that you are with a partner or with a possible partner, without thinking at any time that it is a service that you have hired. It’s that simple and that natural.

Some of our clients are more capricious and ask for fictional representations with the escort, in which the girl has to get to the bar of a hotel disguised as an executive, pretend she does not know him, impersonate a spy or a fatal woman … You would be surprised the number of fantasies that can come true with an escort. And our girls love getting into that kind of paper, of course.

For a night out, we have sociable escorts, full of energy and addicted to fun that will make our client have such a good time that he does not want the night to end. They are girls who love to party and who know the best places in Barcelona for an evening of fun without limits. They will endure what you throw at them and they will be full until you get tired.

As always, discretion is guaranteed, especially when it comes to going out in public. Your escort will be the prettiest and most elegant woman in the disco, but nobody will have a way of knowing that she is a true professional.

Catalan escorts, where to find them?

We know you are going crazy about Catalan escorts. But where can you find them?

If it is already difficult to find Spanish escorts, it is much more difficult for an agency to have Catalan luxury escorts. The reason is simple: the circle is much smaller and the chances of meeting someone you know are high. That is something that worries many women in Barcelona, ​​Lleida, Tarragona and Girona who dream of becoming a high level escort but do not want their surroundings to know what they do. What if they stumble upon someone who can put them in evidence? The matter is even more complicated for the people of Barcelona, ​​since all the important escort agencies are in the city.


The economic crisis made the number of Catalan girls dedicated to luxury escort services increase. Very requested when considered as something special and exclusive, Catalan escorts were, for the most part, university students seeking financial support to finish their studies. All found in this sector an exceptional opportunity to increase their income privately and discreetly, and without anyone knowing. Not only that, but working as an escort allowed them to choose the most interesting schedule for them and that would not affect their classes. The freedom to choose was total.

Today, we can say that it is not so difficult to find Catalan escorts. And it’s not just about students, as before. We have young people from Barcelona with normal jobs, successful careers or married looking for some extra fun … It is a much broader profile and less economically needed than a few years ago.

Many Catalan escorts feel an irresistible pleasure with this double life to which they soon become addicted. As everyone tells us, it is a simple, fun and untethered world.


One of the advantages of enjoying the charms of a beautiful Catalan escort is the closeness and complicity. You will never get along as well with anyone as with a person who is from the same place as you. You can discuss the current political situation, speak in Catalan, or share experiences and memories. If you are from another city of Spain and you are morbid to have a warm encounter with a Catalan escort, one of our girls will be your perfect hostess in Barcelona, ​​giving you a welcome that you can never forget.

What happens on your part will depend only on you, but on the part of the girl, you can be clear that your discretion is guaranteed. Catalan escorts take special care of their image and reputation. For that reason, it is extremely rare that they show their face in the photos, a decision that you must understand and respect. Without privacy, they will not be able to surrender to this activity with the necessary joy and carelessness …

Many foreign clients request Catalan escorts to take them to the best places in Barcelona, ​​the secrets of a city that you can only know if you have had the privilege of being born in it. In that, there is no escort better than a Catalan, who will know exactly what to do with you so that our city is engraved in your mind as one of the best memories of your life.

Our Catalan escorts are authentic, they are: pretty, elegant, accommodating and with an incomparable charm. We have several ones at your disposal, from different ages physical prototypes. With love, sweetness and all the implication you deserve. This will ensure that you return to Sugar Girls Barcelona again and again.

Do you dare to meet our spectacular Catalan escorts?

Escort’s boobs

The boobs of the escorts is very important characteristic when we talk about sex and pleasure. But you will be surprised when you will know the tastes of our customers … The boobs are an erogenous zone of the female body to which man, by biological instinct, is attracted in an irresistible way. That’s why women are very focus on their appearance, whether models or sex professionals, need to call attention to them to convey beauty and sensuality. Within that logical norm, there are obvious distinctions that we have to do …

Super Busty Escorts

The most usual is that a woman who is dedicated to providing sexual services has desirable boobs. All the agencies have one or more girls with a bra size of 100 or 120: they are those escorts with immense breasts with which most men want to be at least once. They are escorts that really awaken intense sexual desires and that make men turn on. The guys became so crazy and they will request for special practices such as “the Cuban” , which consists in masturbating the penis by placing it between the boobs of the woman.

In fact, the Cuban is something that the escorts of big boobs perform in each service, since the client, naturally, can not avoid requesting it …

The escorts with big boobs, are spectacular and attract a lot of attention. This is a big advantage for them, but can also be a big disadvantage when it comes to dinner services, business travel, GFE, escorting in the city… No matter how elegant and beautiful she will be, their amazing boobs will attract everyone , but the client is looking for a discreet woman that will draws less attention.

Escorts with fake boobs

Whether big or small, there is a condition for an escort’s breasts to please their clients: They have to be firm and beautiful ! Then , fallen breasts, with stretch marks or with the typical defects that appear after a woman suckles are a disadvantage to succeed as an escort. Some clients may not mind, but others will notice it. That is why it is also normal for escorts to do a set-up and undergo some cosmetic surgery to lift them and increase their beauty after having been mothers or losing weight.

They all want to be perfect and attractive to you !

Small Boobs Escorts

The escorts with small boobs have also no problem to succeed in the sector because, contrary to what many people think, they are very requested by our clients. The reason is that many men expect and even ask to be with an escort of natural boobs, because they do not like the touch of the fake ones. It’s very recurrent that a woman is very thin but has very big boobs, which is why most of the big tits escorts have undergone surgery.

As with nationality, hair and eyes color or skin tone, each man has his preferences. We have men who want big-breasted whores, and others who prefer a smaller ones .

The only way to satisfy our clients needs is to have a wide variety of escorts available. At Sugar Girls Madrid we have small , medium and big breasted escorts, natural and fake breasted ones, we also have the XXL size that will drive you totally crazy .

And you , what do you prefer?

I want to be an Escort

In Sugar Girls Barcelona we receive many emails from girls who ask us the million dollar question: what do you have to do to be an escort?

What few men know is that all women have ever thought or fantasized about engaging in luxury prostitution. They know that it is a world full of glamor in which money, gifts, travel, restaurants and luxurious places. What girl does not dream of enjoying the pleasures of life, of the finest things, of the company of high-level gentlemen?

The problem is that many of these women do not even know where to start.


To be an escort en Barcelona, ​​Madrid or any European or world city, the first requirement is to be of legal age and have a nice physique. Beauty helps, but it is not essential, especially if it is not accompanied by personal charm and good character. Instead of Girls we have rejected many beautiful women because they seem too cold or conceited. Do not forget that an escort is providing a service! Like anyone who works for the public, they must have a range of social skills to make a good impression.

Clothes are also important. Although the big brands are not indispensable, the escort has to be elegant and have a good collection of quality dresses, sandals and lingerie.

If you do not have financial means and do not have the right clothes, the escort agency will arrange to provide you with the right clothes. We advise you to use the compensation of your first service to make a fashion investment. Your image represents you!


The next thing you should understand is that an escort has to be a discreet and reserved woman. Remember that it is a world of mystery in which privacy is the number one rule, both for girls and for clients. Respect the anonymity of others and protect yours. Don’t get gossip about your partners or about the other men you meet. Save every information they give you as if it were a treasure that you cannot share with anyone. That will be the best way to gain the confidence of the gentlemen who choose you as a luxury companion, since the last thing they want is to be with a woman who talks more about the account.

In Sugar Girls Barcelona we advise you to keep your personal information with the same suspicion. A trusted agency will want to know who you are for legal reasons; It is normal, but never give personal information to escorts with whom you do not have confidence, or tell your clients real name.

Who knows? You may dedicate yourself to this for a long time, as long as you are happy and enjoy. But one day you may want to disappear without a trace, so the less the others know about you, the better is.


To work as an escort in Barcelona or anywhere else, it is not necessary to make love as a pornstar. Not all men want intense and wild service with practices like those seen in movies. These types of clients usually choose escorts that offer what is known in the sector as pornstar experience. These companions, in addition to beautiful and elegant, have sex as a porn actress, with risque conversations, facial cumshots, erotic toys or squirting. If you like it, great: you will have many clients and you will have a great time with them, but it is not a norm to be an escort.

The most common is to offer a girlfriend experience.The name clearly reflects its meaning: it consists in making love as you would with your partner. Intense kisses, caresses, sweetness, sensuality, looks, masturbation, oral sex … we don’t need to explain it to you! The more skills you have and the more sensual you are, the more addicted all your clients will be to you. And getting men to repeat with me will lay the foundation for your success in this sector.

We advise you to read a good book about sex or spend some time each day watching porn movies. You will stay with gestures, looks and skills that will be very useful to be the best escort in the city.>

quiero ser una escort

If you are beautiful, you have class and you are of good character, Sugar Girls Barcelona ​​we will be happy to meet you. To contact the agency, simply call us or fill out the form of our casting section, with your contact information and some recent photos.

Do you want to be a sugar girl? Then we are waiting for you!

The Best Escorts in Madrid

Our Sugar Girls are the best escorts in Madrid, because we make sure to meet them in person through our selection system: they are beautiful, hot and intelligent..

At Sugar Girls Madrid we are always delighted to incorporate new luxurious escorts that fit our requirements. We are looking for women with availability, attractiveness, personal charm, social skills, sensuality , with a lot of desire and envy. For us it is very important not to lower our guard and maintain our quality standards, those standards that have consolidated us as the best escort agency in Madrid and Barcelona.

Let us explain you why our escorts are the best in Madrid.

Our escorts in Madrid

Youth, beauty, sensuality.. these are some of the characteristics that represent our beautiful girls. All are unique and have their own weapons to charm and turn crazy their clients. That is their goal, there is always a competition between our girls but it is very healthy and stimulating one. We do not like pussy fights ! Our rates, are the most competitive in the current market, that allow us to have a better and large clientele. We also have a large choice of escort :

We have adorable young escorts in Madrid, between eighteen and nineteen years old, to offer an experience of incomparable sweetness and sensuality.

-Our escorts are coming from all over the world : from Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Venezuela …

-All our girls are very attractive physically , they take care of their beauty and body with a healthy diet and physical exercise. We invest a lot in them ! Although being honest, most do not even need it.

-To be the best escorts in Madrid, availability is paramount. The agenda of our girls allows us to be at your service every day of the week, 24 hours a day. We never close and we are always available to you. Our luxury escorts have different schedules, although they are flexible and can be adapted to the time that best suits you.

-The Sugar Girls Madrid escorts offer an incomparable service of sensuality and fun. They are skilled in the arts of love and each one has its special touch that will fit perfectly with what you are looking for. Do you want to make love as if you were with a porn actress? Do you prefer an experience similar to what you would have with a girlfriend? Do you fancy a threesome with two escorts or do you die to see a real lesbian duo? Everything you need, Sugar Girls Madrid will provide it to you . And without deception, lies or the false promises so common in this sector.

Still have doubts about why our girls are the best escorts in Madrid ? Then , we challenge you to take a look at their photos without getting horny…

Sex in Madrid: Do not complicate the situation and Call an Escort

Ok, you want sex in Madrid ? You are on vacation, on a business trip and you want to enjoy in our beautiful capital. We advise you to save time and call directly a Sugar Girl. Let us explain you why …

Having sex with an escort it’s easier

All men love sex and to get it, they lose their minds and a lot of time. And as we say : “It’s always better and easier with an escort”. That sentence summarizes the upward trend of sexual services provided by professionals.

There is nothing more pleasant, addictive and simple than resorting to an escort. You just have to call, choose the girl of your dreams and accept the conditions. From that moment, she will make your fantasy a delicious reality. And the best part is that you decide who, you decide when and you decide where, you are the only person that decide about everything. At the time that best suits you and in the place of your choice, the woman of your dream will be ready for you … to give you what you are looking for : an unforgettable sexual moment.

Having sex with an escort is very pleasant

Not all women can or have the possibility to work as an escort. The glamorous and luxurious escorts’ life , make many girls believe that they can dedicate themselves to high level accompaniment services. But, it is not the case, to be a luxury escort it is necessary to have social and sexual skills, that not everyone has. The charm is necessary, but sexual attractiveness is essential. That does not mean that escorts don’t behave like porn stars in bed , but it is not necessary either. There are also a lot of men that want the girlfriend experience which is symbolised by fun , complicity, love, sensuality, massage, caresses , kisses… All this with a beautiful and elegant woman who will only seek your pleasure and happiness. She will present you the heaven itself !

Sex with an escort is pleasurable

With an escort there are no dramas, problems, cries or bad faces, as unfortunately happens with most of the couple. A luxury escort is a woman who is at your disposal to make you happy and to give you everything you need. Escorts are professionals who can not and do not want to bother you with their concerns. It is a sexual relationship based on respect and attraction, but in which you are the king and the only person who take the decisions.

They perfectly know how to start a conversation, entertain and make you spend a relaxed and an unforgettable moment. With a professional you will have a great time in and out of bed, because they are lovely, irresistible and passionate women. That’s why they became escorts!

Having sex with an escort is not expensive

Sugar Girls Madrid is a very successful agency that was born with the idea of ​​ending the absurd prices of Spanish escort agencies. We wanted to end those 400 and 600 euros tariffs that did not fit what the client expected from those meetings. We knew that it was possible and necessary to enjoy the services of a beautiful, elegant and pleasant escort without the need to pay ridiculous amounts and we set out to change the market. And we finally got it and succeed !

At Sugar Girls, the fee is 150 euros, which is very affordable and reasonable price comparing to the quality of the service. An hour in which you will be able to touch the sky with your hands. Do you still thinking that calling an escort agency is not the best way to get the best sex in Madrid?

Return to the Routine, Return to the Arms of Your Escort

The holidays are over! Christmas is over and the time has come to return to the routine, to work, to boredom … but it is also the time to return to the maximum pleasure between the arms of your beautiful escort, the one that you have not seen for a while.


It is in the month of January when we propose new goals, objectives and dreams. The most common are losing weight and stop smoking.This is normal after a time of excess such as Christmas, with a multitude of meals, whims and alcohol. We all overdo it with the excuse of the celebrations and we are very sorry to end the holidays. Touch to go back to the gym and go on a diet.

The bad thing is that the return to work is very depressing for the population, and that return to the routine makes us soon leave aside the motivation, essential to achieve what we propose.

Our beautiful escorts have also returned to Sugar Girls after a few days pretending to be good girls with their families. They have been very bored and are looking forward to meeting their lovers again … Those who are from Latin America or Eastern Europe have been in their countries for a few days but have already returned to give themselves to their favorite activity: be the best companions of luxury of Barcelona! After the break, they could not stand another minute without the caresses of their favorite lovers.

Take a look at our website, delight yourself thinking about the spectacular woman you will soon have in bed and dream, fantasize about what you are going to do with her. Imagine the sexy lingerie you are going to wear, a lingerie that has bought especially for you. Think about what you are going to do with your hands and your tongue and savor the image of what she is going to do with you …

If you are shy and do not like to ask for what you want, but you prefer that your girl get ahead of your desires, talk a little with our managers and tell them what you expect from your encounter with your favorite escort. If they are tongue kisses, massages, an intimate and sweet girlfriend experience you know what it is, our girls will give it to you.

They are waiting for you. Do you dare to start the new year in a big way? With Sugar Girls you will welcome 2019 in the best way …