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Do you know what is one of the secrets of our success? We are available 24 hours a day.

Sex is spontaneous and unpredictable. We never know when we are going to feel the sting of desire, when we are going to notice an almost uncontrollable erotic impulse. And there is nothing worse than wanting to enjoy passion with a beautiful escort and see that the phone is not available. Until next time, we will not know when it may be.

In Sugar Girls we don’t want that. Opportunities have their peak and cannot be missed. Therefore, we make the decision to always be available. No, we never close. We have escorts available every day of the year and week, from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day, at any time and at all hours.

Whenever you call us, you will find us.

Barcelona las Mejores Putas

Not all the availability of our escorts in Barcelona is the same: everything depends on their professions. Many are students and have classes that cannot skip. Others are married and only have a few hours a day to enjoy intimate encounters with the gentlemen of the city. At Sugar Girls we always advise you to plan your dream meetings with our luxury escorts in advance, so there are no surprises and make sure everything is ready, from your girl to the chosen place.

However, do not worry: even if the call is spontaneous, even if you only have a moment to escape and make a quick stop in the paradise of pleasure, we will be at your disposal to plan your appointment, quickly and efficiently.

Just visit our gallery of images of escorts and start imagining what will happen when the doors close …

Sexo en Barcelona

My Favorite escort is not available, what iam suppose to do?

You are hot and your favorite escort is not available, what can we do?

One of the big differences between the luxury escorts and the professionals available in clubs and flats is the schedule. A high-level companion has special characteristics that allow her to practice her profession in a more elitist environment.

Flexibility in availability is one of the advantages. Unlike other women in the sector, the escort does not have to cover a 21-year-old position, nor fulfill a schedule of several hours a day, nor should she, so to speak, “sign” upon entering and leaving.

The escort performs this activity for money, of course, but also for pleasure and fun. He has goals and a career that complements with being available to distinguished gentlemen, in order to have a fun time …

Putas de lujo Barcelona

That means that your favorite escort will not always be available.

The girls adapt to be available to their lovers but their commitments prevent them from being available 24 hours a day. More than once you will want to call that escort and you will find that she is out, has a new schedule or simply disappears. Remember that in this sector the smoke curtains are frequent and when the companions decide that they no longer want to be available, they do not always feel the need to say goodbye.

Our advice is never to tie yourself to anyone. It is good that you have a favorite escort with whom you have a special connection and with which you like to repeat. But with so much variety at your disposal, why not take advantage of the opportunities that life offers you? If your favorite escort is not available, do not turn off your desire: you just have to satisfy it with another. In Sugar Girls we have such a variety of beauties that you will feel that there is always a perfect woman ready for you. Call us!

I love Escorts

We have spoken with «Antonio», one of our most loyal clients, who has told us why he loves escorts.

My name is «Antonio» and I have been a client of Sugar Girls for four years. Before I was a regular at super luxury escort agencies, those that asked you for 600 and even 1000 euros for high-standing girls. I can say that 80% of the time they left with the feeling of having been deceived. Because what he got did not correspond to what he had paid.

When trying to level down and try with professionals under 200 euros, the difference was abysmal. The girls did not have the physique, nor the elegance needed. The atmosphere was vulgar and depressing. That was not an option either.

Sugar Girls caught my attention immediately. The girls looked very pretty, but all the clients of the luxury escorts know that there is a big problem with the photos. Either they are false or so retouched that what you see has nothing to do with what you expected. However, I got carried away and it was a surprise. Since then, I started traveling to Barcelona with any excuse to visit its facilities and meet new girls.

Madrid Putas

When I learned that they had decided to open in Madrid, I felt very excited. Now I could enjoy a good escort more often. I usually go a couple of times a week, but if I could, I would go every day. I never repeat (girls are worth it, but I don’t like repeating), and I love the variety of girls available and the new additions. It is like entering a luxury store with the most exquisite items at your disposal, with all the respect that girls deserve, which are not objects, but people, women with hearts, sensuality, beauty and sweetness.

I am addicted to escorts. If you are looking for the best escorts in Madrid, do not hesitate and choose only the Sugar Girls agency. We will never disappoint you, and the eternal defrauded tells you.

Escorts Cachondas


Horny escorts … are they a myth or do they really exist?

There is a belief that escorts are very elegant and therefore stretched. Many men think that because of the relationship between luxury and the air of greatness that seems to have to go hand in hand, inevitably. They believe that a companion of high standing is cold, distant and excessively professional, like a pretty vase that has no emotion inside.

Is not true. Horny escorts exist and most are by nature. They wouldn’t do this if they didn’t love sex.

A high standing escort is like the ideal woman, we always say so. She has a beautiful physique, she is elegant, she knows how to be, she makes you look great when you go out with her out there and in bed she adapts to your needs with enthusiasm, involvement and passion. While with the lowest quality professionals you cannot get the complete pack. Quite the opposite. The less standing the girl whose services you hire, the less response you will get from her. What should I strive for?

Therefore, clients of luxury escort agencies no longer go back. With the professional companions there is an unequaled quality, and the experience is much more than a simple penetration without any heat.

Sugar Girls, las Mejores Putas de Barcelona

The good thing about Sugar Girls is that we have prices that make it much easier to enjoy the passion and fierceness of horny escorts. We have the most competitive rate in the market, which allow you to access beautiful, classy and very hot women at a price that has nothing to do with the usual in the sector. It is not necessary to pay large amounts of money to enjoy the charms of the best sex professionals in Barcelona.

They are our girls, some horny escorts, and also beautiful, elegant, affectionate, fun, sociable and unforgettable. They wait for you at Sugar Girls to do all those things you have been dreaming about for so long …