I love Escorts

We have spoken with «Antonio», one of our most loyal clients, who has told us why he loves escorts.

My name is «Antonio» and I have been a client of Sugar Girls for four years. Before I was a regular at super luxury escort agencies, those that asked you for 600 and even 1000 euros for high-standing girls. I can say that 80% of the time they left with the feeling of having been deceived. Because what he got did not correspond to what he had paid.

When trying to level down and try with professionals under 200 euros, the difference was abysmal. The girls did not have the physique, nor the elegance needed. The atmosphere was vulgar and depressing. That was not an option either.

Sugar Girls caught my attention immediately. The girls looked very pretty, but all the clients of the luxury escorts know that there is a big problem with the photos. Either they are false or so retouched that what you see has nothing to do with what you expected. However, I got carried away and it was a surprise. Since then, I started traveling to Barcelona with any excuse to visit its facilities and meet new girls.

Madrid Putas

When I learned that they had decided to open in Madrid, I felt very excited. Now I could enjoy a good escort more often. I usually go a couple of times a week, but if I could, I would go every day. I never repeat (girls are worth it, but I don’t like repeating), and I love the variety of girls available and the new additions. It is like entering a luxury store with the most exquisite items at your disposal, with all the respect that girls deserve, which are not objects, but people, women with hearts, sensuality, beauty and sweetness.

I am addicted to escorts. If you are looking for the best escorts in Madrid, do not hesitate and choose only the Sugar Girls agency. We will never disappoint you, and the eternal defrauded tells you.

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