Que es una Escort de Lujo

What exactly is a luxury escort?

All the answers to the million-dollar question: what is a luxury escort and what differentiates high-level escorts from other professionals?

Let’s not waste time: a luxury escort is a professional who charges a special fee for accompanying a man, a couple and even another woman. Escort is an English word that literally means “companion”  and that is her main and official function. The rate you request applies only for your time and what happens within during this date is a consensual decision between two adults who know what they want and agree on how to get it.

The luxury escort always has certain attributes that allow her to move in high-level circles: she is attractive, has class, notoriously know how to behave and attracts attention in a pleasant and not vulgar way.

The luxury escort can have a spectacular physique, but she knows how to show it with elegance and discretion, being aware that vulgarity and an excessively provocative way of dressing are the last thing her clients want to see in her. A high-level companion prefers to keep her clothes and most daring accessories for privacy, when only she and her man, in low light, are in the room, ready to join in a moment of unique pleasure.

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Another feature of a luxury escort is her absolute discretion. She knows that clients value privacy above any other quality and expect and even request to keep secrecy around their private meetings. An escort never talks about her clients and what happens between them is something that stays in her memory as a beautiful memory, nothing more. She also values ​​her own intimacy since her rhythm of life implies that her double life is under the strictest secrecy.

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