Escorts with Curves

Curvy escorts are a delight for the senses …

We have many clients who feel an absolute passion for curvilinear escorts. They say that there is nothing better than exploring with your own hands the body of an explosive, rotund woman with large breasts and female hips. They completely lose their heads with them! That is why we always say that there is never a physical standard for being a luxury companion in Madrid: it is enough to be attractive and special because each man likes a different type of woman.

A curvy escort is a woman who may not have a figure that fits fashion and magazine standards. She is not 1’80, nor has a narrow waist, nor does he have thin, straight legs. She is a healthy and active woman, and with firm skin. Do not confuse the girl with curves with a 100% careless, with folds, the hanging meat … If it is a high-level escort, we can assure you that even the girls in meat are taken care of and go to the gym. Only they have a different constitution that causes them to develop more curves.

Call them fat escorts, busty escorts ... what else does it matter? They are not offended. Our girls are open minded and feel very proud of their physique.

Escorts con Curvas

There seems to be a certain association between curves and good character, because all our chubby escorts are charming, open and very, very funny. As they say vulgarly, they are very horny and open women in bed. It is a joy to spend a moment of pleasure with them and the laughter and daring are assured at the time or time that your passionate sexual encounter lasts. They are also affectionate and zero arrogant.

The truth is that a curvy escort is something really spectacular in bed. It is shown by men who do not stop repeating with them, again and again. They want nothing more than those women with meat and curves to squeeze.

Of course, in Sugar Girls Madrid we have beautiful curvilinear escorts who are willing to meet you and let your hands tighten, squeeze and caress those breasts and those hips that are sure to leave you breathless … If it’s your fetish, a whim or just, the type of woman that excites you the most in bed, don’t worry: in our agency we have an impressive variety of escorts so you never run out of meeting your needs. There is nothing we cannot offer you.

Do not deprive yourself. Call us and ask about our beautiful curvy sluts. We assure you that they will leave you with your mouth open and will bring out a part of you that you don’t even know yourself.

Putas en Barcelona

What to talk to with an Escort I?

Not all men want to have sex just start the date with an escort. What to talk to a professional?

It may seem an awkward moment, but it is not. Although they are two strangers who have just met, the atmosphere between a client and an escort is very relaxed and intensely erotic. Perhaps the difference is because they are two people who have agreed to meet to live an intimate experience. That makes the time to break the ice different.

The two know what is going to happen, and that makes everything very exciting … It’s not like starting to talk to a stranger that you don’t know what will end up being for you.

Our escorts are open and pleasant. Some are more shy than others, but in general, they are young ladies with social skills and great emotional intelligence. They know they are there for you, so you can have a good time and leave with the feeling of having lived something wonderful. They are professionals and they know they have to fulfill a mission: to make you feel comfortable at all times.

Hablar con una Escort

Talking with an escort is very similar to talking to any woman you’ve met elsewhere: in a disco, in a cafeteria, walking … You can bring up the subject you want. The conversations of our girls with the gentlemen who book an appointment with them are very fluid and pleasant. It is not uncommon to talk about current affairs such as the political situation in the country … they even talk about philosophy! Sometimes they discover that they have hobbies and tastes in common and that the conversations are really interesting. And imagine what happens when they talk about sex and erotic fantasies …

If you are worried that the escort waste too much time talking, stay calm. We know that filling the unnecessary chattering date is a strategy that many girls use so that the sexual encounter lasts as little as possible, but in Sugar Girls Barcelona that does not happen. Of course you can talk, but there is a clear difference between talking a weirdo and forcing the talk endlessly. Our girls also love talking after making love, with your hands intertwined and sharing kisses and caresses post-coitus …

Let yourself go and you will discover that talking with an escort will be only a pleasant part of an unforgettable encounter.

Do you want to be an Escort? follow these tips

In Sugar Girls Madrid we incorporate three or four luxury escorts every week. Want to join our team?

Working as an escort may seem dangerous, but nothing is further from reality. In a suitable place and with all the guarantees, it is a lucrative, interesting and very fun activity that can change a woman’s life completely. Our philosophy is: if you want to do something, do it well. This applies to the decision to start working as a luxury companion in Madrid. Going to the inappropriate site can hinder and hinder your beginnings, making you make many beginner mistakes. Shorten the path: don’t start with the left foot.


Sugar Girls is an agency that started in Barcelona with the aim of ending the absurd rates of luxury escort agencies. These prices were a dead end for both customers and girls. They, felt cheated when they received a service that did not match what they obtained and because most of those super luxury escorts were then available in other portals for half the price. They, because after the stage in which they were the novelty of the agency, barely performed services. This is something sadly prevalent in these “big” agencies. These escorts are devalued quickly because, with these rates, fixed customers just want to pay to meet new girls.

We, by offering a more accessible and competitive rate, end that. Our clientele was only increasing and all our escorts were busy, they have been with Sugar Girls for a week as a whole year. Instead of being the new escort who works a lot for two months because all the fixed clients want to meet her, and then it’s over, our girls never stop being requested thanks to the large number of gentlemen who come to visit us every day.

Putas en Madrid


If you are not new to this and have already been part of one of those agencies, surely what we are telling you sounds. In Sugar Girls Madrid that is not going to happen to you. We are not going to introduce you to all our clients, making you perform many services and generate a large amount of income that you will then stop receiving as soon as you stop being the new face of the agency. With us, it will be as if you were always a novelty, because our client portfolio only grows.

Being a luxury escort in Madrid is a great experience that you deserve to live in all its splendor to meet interesting gentlemen and publicize your charms and qualities. There is nothing worse than standing and letting your beauty wither in the wrong places. Trust an agency like ours and let the night of Madrid be your travel companion in one of the most exciting adventures of your life … be a high level escort in your city!

f you are beautiful and you have class, get in touch with us through our casting. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Juguetes Eroticos Comprar

Erotic Toys, An Experience

Sexual intercourse does not have to consist only in seeking penetration. Erotic toys are a completely fun that can increase the intensity of pleasure …

Our escorts love erotic toys. They reach much more intense orgasms with them and make the experience with their lovers different and much more entertaining. Get the moments that precede intercourse as pleasant as penetration itself is one of the best practices for unforgettable intimate relationships.

The sex toys market is very wide and the variety of products is really spectacular. This is because, when it comes to adult relationships … there is no limit! The imagination goes off and there are lots of spicy and sexy things that can be done in bed. Since the hands and mouth cannot do everything, toys are very valuable for an unforgettable pleasure time.

Girls love vibrators and clitoral stimulants, which they usually use in combination with penetration. Stimulating the clitoris and the vagina at the same time can cause a woman to completely lose her head, reaching the most absolute ecstasy. The contact with the man’s penis is wonderful, but combined with the pleasure that the nerve particles of the clitoris receive … it is a real explosion that drives all the girls on the planet crazy!

Juguetes Sexuales

You do not have to feel displaced or think that the escort is enjoying less by using a sex toy while making love with you. Quite the opposite. You should think that the experience is being so pleasant for her that she wants to make the most of it. It also means that he feels enough confidence and intimacy with you to use a vibrator in front of you. Not all women feel comfortable masturbating in front of another person.

Do not forget that men also enjoy erotic toys. There are many specials for men who manage to reach the most hidden corners, finding the male G-spot. If you are dying to experience the most forbidden and intense pleasure but do not decide to ask a friend or partner, do not worry: that’s what escorts are for. In Sugar Girls we offer you a paradise at your fingertips where you can enjoy everything you want and experience without limits, without being judged. Here we are to have a great time!

We have a wide variety of erotic toys and even our escorts bring the ones they usually use at home. Try them with them!

Dos Escorts Trío

A Threesome with Two Escorts

There is nothing more exciting than seeing two women making love to each other. If you choose a trio with two escorts you can make your fantasy come true.

Before starting, an important nuance. Do not confuse the trio with the service known as duplex. A duplex in our slang is an experience with two companions, in which the man has relations with two girls at the same time, but without any lesbian contact between them. The boy is the center of the situation, receives and gives pleasure and can make love with both while the experience lasts.

This is a very exciting practice but it lacks a spark that drives many men crazy: watch a scene of real lesbianism live and direct.


When the client chooses a threesome, the experience includes the two escorts making love with him, but also with each other. For example, the man can penetrate the first while she practices oral sex with enthusiasm and desire for the second girl, who is usually stretched out on the bed or sitting astride his mouth.

Now we are not going to tell you the amount of fun and ingenious postures that can be done so that three people can sit peacefully in bed, finding harmony … surely you know what they are! Porn movies have given us many ideas to implement in real life.

putas lesbianas

Another difference between a trio and a duplex is that, in the trio, the escorts have to be necessarily bisexual. Agencies often sell the farce that all their girls are available for encounters that involve lesbian sex because they are all naturally bisexual. This is not true, and the man soon notices, normally, when the service has already started and it is a little late to back down. The experience has to be real to make it a success and that will not happen with escorts who kiss and caress each other but then do not do what the client expects them to do. What is going a little further …

With real bisexual escorts there is no such problem. If there is an attraction between them, which is usual because they are young, beautiful and sexually curious women, the service is a real bomb that will cause the client to lose his head and feel that he is living a dream. Many say it’s like witnessing the best porn movie on the market. The most romantic define it, literally, as something comparable to being in paradise itself.

This should not surprise anyone since, biologically, men are made to be attracted to variety. The impulse of nature makes them have a tendency to want to be with more than one woman. And if it is more than one woman at the same time, even better!

In Sugar Girls Barcelona we offer you delicious, fun and exceptional quality threesomes with the girls you like most. Call us and we will inform you about the bisexual escorts that are available to you and make your dream come true. Life is very short and you will only live once: do not miss the opportunity to fulfill that fantasy that you have in your head.

The Schedules of our Escorts

You already know that we have a wide gallery of beautiful escorts available, but what is the girls’ schedule?

Sugar Girls Madrid, like the Barcelona delegation, is an escort agency available 24 hours a day. We never close: we are at your disposal every day of the year, from Monday to Sunday, holidays and designated days. That means that if you need to enjoy the charms of a beautiful paid woman at 3 in the morning, at 7 in the morning on a Monday or on the night of the end of the year, we will always be ready to assist you.

This flexibility, together with our dedication, has established us as one of the best sexual services and support agencies in Madrid.


Adapting to the daily madness of our clients was one of our goals. Obviously, without neglecting the quality of our services. If one day you want to stop by our luxury facilities in the center of Madrid at dawn, you will not find yourself with exhausted or half asleep escorts. They will be as impeccable and perfect as you can find at five in the afternoon.

That does not mean that all our escorts are available 24 hours a day. They are high standing companions with other occupations and objectives that they have to take care of. Many study, have successful careers and some are even mothers who are looking for some secret fun with the gentlemen of this city. Why wouldn’t they do it? To be an escort, you only need attractiveness, willingness and determination …

The nationality of the girls also has a lot to do with their availability. A foreign girl who lives in Madrid may not have too many friendships or commitments. He has more free time, while Spanish escorts have a life made in the city; and therefore, much less easily schedule.

On the other hand, our married escorts are not usually available on weekends.

Putas con buen Culo en Madrid


Advance is the best advice we can give you to catch your favorite escort. In Sugar Girls Madrid we try to get your ideal girl at the most appropriate time for you, but it will always be she who has the last word. It is quite difficult for a student to be available in the mornings, but if you let us know in time, it will be easier for the luxury companion of your dreams to organize to clear her schedule and meet you wherever you tell her.

But who knows? Life is random and, sometimes, the most passionate encounters are the result of a luckier chance. It has happened to us several times that a client calls at the most inappropriate moment asking for one of our most inaccessible escorts … and surprise! The girl was free right then.

As we always tell you, call us. We will always have wonderful girls, ready, willing and prepared for you.