The communication with an Escort

Having an intimate date with a stranger is not always easy: if you are a little shy or it is your first time, the situation may seem a bit awkward at first. How to make clear what you want and what you don’t? Communication with an escort is one of the essential factors to make your encounter a success. Although it is not always necessary if the girl is intuitive and has experience …

The first thing you should be clear about is that this is a business like any other, and that both the lady and the managers who manage your appointment are professionals. That is, the issue of communication should not be a problem. Do not feel embarrassed when making it clear what your tastes are. Do not be ambiguous. As in any trade, you have to express your wishes so that what you get is exactly what you were looking for.

If for you it is extremely important that the escort be affectionate, you must comment, because this is a sector in which there are women for all tastes. There are more cold and mechanical escorts, and you can be sure that they also have their audience. Many clients like to take action directly and not waste time with caresses. If this is not your case, it is better to make it clear.



If you have a whim in mind, communication with an escort is essential. But we advise you to talk to the managers first. They are there to help you and make your date perfect. They know the girls well and they know who are the most appropriate for what you are looking for. If you call Sugar Girls, you will see that our telephone operators are a charm. They love to interact and know perfectly how to guide you so you can find what you are looking for. Do not hurry to say the fantasy you want to carry out. Believe us, they will not be scared. Sex is something very fun and healthy and nobody is going to judge you.

In fact, at the Sugar Girls agency we are very proud of our casting, not only for escorts, but also for managers! This is not easy ground and a bad manager can spoil the reputation of an agency. Therefore, the process of selecting the women who answer our phone has always been key for us. In addition to languages ​​and previous experience, we were looking for sympathy, an intuitive character and a great ability to interact with others.

comunicación con una escort


If the escort of your choice knows the situation beforehand, your encounter with her will be like silk. There will be no problems or surprises. In addition, our companions are skilled and know how to perform perfectly in any situation. They are girls prepared and very well trained in various fields, with university studies, travel and many experiences. It is unlikely that you are in an awkward situation.

Communication with an escort is one of the rights you have as a client, so you can always say what you think.

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