Escorts and Aesthetic Surgery

Escorts and cosmetic surgery: a certainly tricky topic. It is evident that in this sector, as in any one in which women live from their image, operations abound, especially to increase the size of the bust. From there, we find a bit of everything. We have escorts who do not settle for a single surgery and end up changing completely and looking totally artificial. That does not like any man. Where is the limit?

If you are working as an escort and take a short time, one of the first things you will see is a large number of breasts operated per square meter. They say that the first thing a luxury companion does when she gathers a large amount of money is to get a breast augmentation, and in part, it is true. Not all do, but there are many who believe that it is an indispensable requirement to attract more clientele and earn money. That is not always the case.


You don’t have to do anything. If you have little tits and are somewhat complex, going through the operating room will make your self-esteem go up many steps. You will feel more feminine and proportionate, and if you go to a good doctor, the result will be very natural. Of course, that will also attract men. But if you have a normal breast, or if you have little but have never had any problem with that, you do not have to operate to work as an escort. We do not believe that the size of your breasts will determine your success as a luxury companion if you are attractive, elegant, friendly and take care of your figure. Men value a beautiful smile more than immense breasts.

Nor can we forget that there are men who go crazy for the big boobs, and that for a moment of pleasure, the idea of ​​being with an escort with immense tits – that’s how they look for it on Google – seems irresistible. InSugar Girls we have a lot of variety with the bust: we have girls of size 110, and many of size 90 and 85. Our eighteen-year-old escorts, on the other hand, have a sweet appearance, a very delicate body, and therefore, very little chest. And still, they have incredible success. There is no specific rule!


A dangerous trend that we have seen many times over these years is the addiction to cosmetic surgery. First they have boobs surgery and they look great, so they start thinking about going through the operating room again, this time to get a liposuction. But after a while, they begin to gain weight in areas other than those that have been intervened to extract the fat, so they have to do another liposuction. Later they decide that it is time to have their nose and lips done. In the end, the result is another person completely different and with the appearance of a transsexual, especially if the escort has hard features.

This spiral is increasingly disastrous and ends with the escort having an artificial and disastrous appearance. A touch-up may be fine, but too many cannot go well. You can’t fool nature!

If you are an escort and you are thinking about getting a few tweaks, think about it very well. You may regret it one day and not realize that you were better before, with your flaws, but with your own personality and essence. Cosmetic surgery is not like going to the hairdresser: ponder your decision.

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