Spanish escorts, how to find them?

The number of foreign escorts in this sector forms a very high percentage. We could say that 90% of escorts in Spain are from other countries; therefore, it is completely normal for many clients to want to be with a Spanish girl. But finding Spanish escorts seems difficult, and when that happens, nothing guarantees that the experience will be satisfactory. How to find the girl of your dreams, when there are so few options in sight?

If you are looking for Spanish escorts, you have to be as precise as possible when making an appointment. There are many deceptions with the nationality of the girls. Sometimes, you ask a Spanish girl and they send you to a Latin American lady, whom they “sneak in” as Spanish because she has the nationality. In Sugar Girls we believe in total transparency, but we know that this is something that does not abound, so we advise you to say very clearly that you want your escort to be Spanish in every way: birth, nationality, and experience. A Spanish … period! We also advise you to advise that if the lady does not fit what you asked for, you will cancel the appointment.

Being transparent, firm and clear will make agencies think twice about cheating.


We do not know precisely, but one of the reasons may be privacy. A girl does not usually feel very comfortable working as a companion in her own city, where she can coincide with friends, family and acquaintances. In our experience, these types of situations occur very rarely, and we have seen how our Spanish escorts have always carried out this activity without any problem. With a serious agency like ours, there are usually no problems, and then, everything will depend on the girl’s ability to protect her privacy.

Another reason is the lack of availability. Like any person living in your country, Spanish escorts have organized their future through work or studies. It is rare that they dedicate themselves to this activity in the long term, and their schedules are much more limited. Therefore, we recommend you to book your appointment with a Spanish escort as far in advance as possible.

escorts españolas


Clients are often distrustful when making an appointment with a Spanish girl. Not only because they fear they will be given a cat as a hare, but because they mistakenly believe that the escort in question will be Spanish, yes … but at a low level. A little “choni”, to understand us. You have nothing to worry about! At Sugar Girls, the level of our Spanish escorts is very high. All are beautiful, attractive, elegant and classy, ​​so you can be sure that your date will be a success. We can guarantee you an ideal meeting, thanks to our rigorous selection criteria. All our girls are unique and special, and Spanish escorts are no exception to this rule.

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