I want a Discreet Escort

You want to have an appointment with a luxury companion in Barcelona, ​​but you are worried about your own privacy. You want to protect your image or your work, and you are worried that people will know that you have hired the services of a professional. You assume that the ideal would be to meet a discreet escort, but how can you find one? Is there any advice for your private pleasure to remain in that … in privacy?

The first thing to make clear is that, apart from a discreet escort, you need a discreet agency.

It is the agency of young ladies that really matters. It is they who handle your data and who are going to ask you a few questions to confirm your identity and ensure the protection of the escort. If you are in a hotel, they need to find out that it is really you who has called. It is normal, and that is something you should value positively. Agencies that are not trusted are those that have no interest in verifying their clients, putting escorts in all kinds of dangerous and compromised situations.


At Sugar Girls we offer all kinds of payment facilities, so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you want to pay by card, we have a secure and confidential platform. In the position the word escort, sex or club, or the name of our agency will never appear. As for your data, we do not need them and we will not give them any use, much less, transfer them to third parties. We value the trust of our clients and our trajectory over the last five years supports us. Sugar Girls is a guarantee of discretion and anonymity.

Once the appointment is made, the girl receives the strictly necessary information, such as your hotel room. If you want, we give you a name, the one you decide. We explain what your tastes and preferences are, or we let you know any details you have told us that you think is important. For example, if you want to see her dressed in a concrete lingerie. Nothing else.

escort puta discreta


Although in Sugar Girls we trust our girls completely, it is always better for you to protect yourself, speaking as little as possible about yourself. There are girls and clients who have established authentic relationships of trust and affection; Something normal after several meetings. We are all human and it is normal that we feel like relating and sharing our dreams and experiences. We are sure that no escort will show you in public, especially, because she has so much to hide as you, so it would be ridiculous to talk about you. A discreet escort is almost a redundancy, such as green grass or blue sky. All the girls in this sector are discreet!

Just in case your privacy is something that really takes your sleep away, we recommend that you be discreet and say nothing about yourself. It’s your decision.

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