The Characteristics of a High Level Escort

In the world of luxury escort services, there is a belief that only beautiful women can succeed as escorts. Unfortunately for them, that is not true! Beauty, by itself, is not enough for things to go well in this fascinating sector; neither in this, nor in any other. And if we think carefully, it is not enough to succeed in personal and loving relationships. Believing that a pleasant physique is the only tool to attract men is a tremendously wrong idea that gives rise to multiple awkward situations between many escorts and their clients. It is absurd to think that way. Beauty may appeal to the beginning, but the good impression of the beginning will not fade into the air, when it becomes clear that apart from that there is not much else. The initial interest, which will last very little, will give way to great disappointment and the feeling of wasting time and money. What is the use then?


In our opinion and according to our extensive experience, a high level escort is an attractive woman, with good character but sure of herself, intelligent, with clear and empathic ideas. That is the profile we look for in Sugar Girls Barcelona. Of course, in our agency we have really stunning escorts, beautiful women with physicists who have nothing to envy to those of magazine cover models; but in addition to that, they also have a magnetic personality, are intuitive, honest and understand the importance of establishing a connection with the gentlemen with whom they are cited. They know that the men who have called us to meet them in person, fascinated by the photographs they have seen on our website, expect a nice and special woman, not just a pretty face unable to convey anything interesting. Men are looking for much more than that!

Our girls enjoy interacting with each other. Most have traveled all over the world, know languages, have studied in other cities and are independent from a very young age. All have received a good education that has allowed them to develop great emotional intelligence. They have values ​​and are respectful. They know how to adapt to any situation and person, as any successful woman in the personal and professional field would. They have enough self-love to run away from dramas and know that it is not worth creating them. They can see the good side of people and expect only the best, instead of anticipating events always thinking the worst of others and distrusting beforehand. What’s the point?

Our escorts believe in sincerity and good energy and above all, they are delighted to meet new people. They are curious by nature and working in this sector allows them to satisfy that great curiosity. The idea of ​​meeting a stranger, someone who can share their own experiences, fantasies and desires with them, is something they always perceive as a new opportunity. The opportunity to make new friends and learn from them. The opportunity to make someone who deserves it happy. The opportunity to be the icing on the cake of another person’s day.

That does not mean that all our companions are outgoing; Some of our girls are very shy, but they are charming, delicious, which makes them seem even more desirable. In Sugar Girls we are totally against an escort showing herself in a way that is not: her own personality is very important in this sector. We like girls with essence and we want them to join our team. Nothing good is achieved when we pretend to be what we are not and understand that not all women have to be extremely sociable or open. But education, kindness and understanding are common characteristics in all our beauties. A personal interview allows us to find these wonderful diamonds in the rough and we are also attentive to the opinions of our clients to further promote our policy of transparency and honesty.

Safety and self-confidence are also keys for an escort to be pure dynamite for those who know her. Men want, above all, fun and good company. Chemistry is important although we have learned that it develops much more easily than people think: it only takes a good predisposition. Wait for the bad and you will have it. Expect the good, and the good will soon appear. As simple as that.

Seeing this sector as a quick way to earn easy money is an attitude with very negative implications, physically and emotionally. Stress is the worst recipe for a private meeting between two people. We usually avoid that kind of women when they come to us. That is not what we want. We look for freshness and a healthy lifestyle at all levels. We respect the privacy of the escorts and never interfere in their personal sphere, but we like that they have goals, that they are complete. That is why our girls have a complete existence apart from their activities as luxury escorts in Barcelona, ​​and their services are just a very nice extra in a life full of satisfactions and healthy ambition.

Happiness on a personal level, love what you do, put yourself in the shoes of others, know what to give to receive … those are the secrets for an escort to have successful encounters, without rigidity or tensions of any kind. That is the magnet that makes select gentlemen who want to meet them come back again and again to see them again. They know they have found a special woman with the innate ability to make them feel special too. Because they are. You are. That’s why, like our girls, you deserve only the best. You can be convinced that your appointments with the Sugar girls will be a good exchange of fantasy, sweetness and sensuality.

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