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What to talk about with an Escort II?

If you are shy and you feel like staying with an escort, you might wonder what to talk about with her? What to tell her? The matter is easier than you think.

The first thing you should understand is that an escort is a normal woman, just like her concerns and her character. You will find fun and open companions and other more reserved. As we always say, they all succeed because the magnitude of personal tastes is something that has no limits. Even really shy escorts have lovers going totally crazy with them.

Most girls are educated and have social skills. Do not expect any uncomfortable tense moment: they are here to accompany you and make you have a fun time. Don’t worry thinking that you must be witty and interesting, all you have to do with a professional is be yourself. Whether you want to laugh out loud or prefer a sensual and quiet evening, the girl of your dreams will adapt to your tastes with skills that will surprise you.

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Just talk to your escort as you would with any girl. You can bring up current issues and check their concerns, ideas and projects. Do not take the conversation to a personal level, asking questions about her identity or asking for information that would identify her. Remember that their intimacy is as valuable as yours and that the escorts are discreet people who deserve the same privacy back, as a reward.

The best of all is that, unlike a woman you want to flirt with and with whom you cannot be too direct,  you can quickly direct the conversation towards the sexual field with an escort. You can tell her how much she turns you on, what you imagine she is wearing under that tight dress, what you want to do with her as soon as you take off your clothes …

Don’t worry too much about the conversation: you can be sure that they will be as fluid and natural as what will happen when you two stop talking.

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