New or fixed escorts?

Entering the website of an escort agency for the first time seems like a visit to the paradise catalog. There are so many women, so different, and so beautiful! At one point, it is almost impossible to choose.

If you like Latin escorts, you will see that there are seven or eight, all brunettes, tanned, irresistible. If you prefer blondes, we have them. From Eastern Europe? As well. Brazilian? Definitely. More than thirty years old? Clear. After a while, you know one that you like very much, and you don’t feel like trying others. What to do then, stay with a fixed escort, or try all the news of the agency?


Men are visual and this is a sector in which the variety is highly valued. If a gentleman wanted to always be with the same woman, he would make her his page. They are supposed to be left with an escort to have fun, escape from everyday life … and vary. But this is not so common. There are men who do not feel any passion for risk and prefer to go safe. This is about relating, and nothing can guarantee an immediate and perfect connection. Maybe missing feeling. The service may not have been satisfactory. That way, the client feels he has thrown away the money, and every date with a new escort looks like a game of Russian roulette.

In Sugar Girls we have beautiful, educated and classy ladies. Most have great social skills that allow them to relate successfully. They know how to carry on a conversation and they have charms to make the meeting not uncomfortable, tense or boring. They know they are offering quality service.

escorts nuevas variedad


In Sugar Girls we have escorts who have been working with us for years. We do not believe that it is necessary that there is a strict rotation, as happens in road brothels, where customers easily get bored and demand variety, since their meetings have no warmth, connection or fun. It is a pure visual and physical issue that has nothing to do with the services of a high-level agency. That is why many of our girls are not new, they have never left, or maybe they have left a season to take a trip or continue their studies. They are very valuable escorts and without a doubt, we want them to continue with us until they decide, so that our lucky clients can continue enjoying their charms.


Thanks to the success of our agency, we receive dozens of escort applications that wish to join our team. Not all of them meet our selection criteria, but still, thanks to that demand, we can upload several girls to the web every month. New escorts not only attract the eyes of our fixed clients, but have interesting things to offer. Each woman is unique, each escort has a different charm, a personality, a skill in her sexual services. Therefore, new escorts are a very valuable treasure, not only because of the sexual variety, but because they raise the quality standards of Sugar Girls.

If you require changes, you will have them in our agency. Do not forget to register in our system to keep up to date with our spectacular new escorts. If you do not want to leave your email, put our website in the favorites section of your browser, and occasionally check out. What we have you will love …

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