Luxury Escorts from Eastern Countries

They are beautiful, they have wonderful skins, they look like models … what is the secret of these escorts?

Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish … the escorts of Eastern Europe are the bane of many men. It is completely normal, since they have many characteristics that make it so. The main one is that they have an unusual beauty, which makes many women in these countries professional models from a very young age. A tall stature, kilometric legs, slanted eyes, high cheekbones … The feeling one has when walking through the capitals of those nations is to be watching a live fashion show.

Another advantage is that they are particularly elegant and refined, even those that come from middle or lower class environments. They seem to possess a knowledge of how to be delicate and natural, that makes them very desirable for distinguished gentlemen who love having a high-level woman by their side.

In Sugar Girls we have escorts of different nationalities of Eastern Europe, such as Russia and Poland. They are usually the most discreet companions and many of them are available for a limited time, so if the photos of one of them have fascinated you … do not miss the opportunity!

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