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25 Years
1,60 m.
Other data:
, Party Girl


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Long straight brown hair, exotic face, perfect measurements and some of the most attractive breasts you'll see in a long time. This is Wendy's letter of introduction, a Peruvian escort whose photos already indicate that she is a woman and invites you to meet her more than once.

With a somewhat shy smile and penetrating gaze, Wendy is a woman's sweetheart. When you manage to connect with her, you realize that she could be the ideal woman. She is intelligent and with her very clear ideas, she makes her company comfortable and a little intriguing. Ideal for dinners and events, every second you talk to her, the more you want her to get to know her better.

Luckily, she has all the time for you and for you to get to know her more deeply and, if she feels like it, you can do it in the dark and quiet of a room. If you are lucky enough to be able to spend some time alone with her, you will feel that time stops, that nothing matters more than paying attention to her.

You will see how she moves, how she slowly approaches your person. You won't be able to take your eyes off her gaze, from the curves of her body. Curves that highlight a tight dress that shows nothing, but she triggers the imagination like no other. You will wish you could finally see and caress that perfect naked body of hers. Touch and knead those large and smooth breasts, go through all the corners of such an imposing physique with your tongue.

When he takes off his clothes you will see the sky for a moment. It can until you have an orgasm. So much beauty, so much sensuality will take you a while to assimilate. You will not know where to put her hands, her mouth... But don't worry, she will help you, with her soft hands and her sweet caresses, she will teach you how to touch a woman.

What comes next you can already imagine. Enjoying sex and a night of passion with a girl like Wendy is something that few can boast of. There is so much to look at, there is so much to enjoy, that the hour may fly by. And that in the end it seems to you that you have missed half the things. But don't worry, luckily you can repeat it again and see it as many times as you want. She will be delighted to be the woman of your dreams again.