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Scarlett, passion and smart sex

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Scarlett, passion and smart sex


20 Years
1,63 m.
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Scarlett is an intelligent woman who, as stated in her fetish book, "The Alchemist", became the owner of her destiny from a very young age. And is that this escort from Colombia, her legs do not shake when making big decisions.

The paths that have led her to her 20 years have always been traced by her wills and her convictions. From a very young age, Scarlett was characterized by having very clear ideas and taking control of everything that happened around her.

Business Administration

This conviction and firmness of hers have accompanied her throughout her life. Virtues that combined with a healthy ambition of her, pushed her to travel the golden path of business and companies, initiating higher studies in Management and business administration.

His passion for hers are great challenges. And what greater challenge could there be than to build large buildings. That is why the specialty in which she would like to obtain a doctorate is in civil engineering.

her But she knows it won't be easy. Reaching management positions requires a lot of work and experience, especially if you are a woman. And although she does not lack training, in the two other aspects she still has a long way to go.

Passion and sex as a medium

But as we have already told you, this girl knows what she wants and she will do everything possible to carry out what she sets out to do. As a good businesswoman, she began to study which businesses could temporarily help her get enough savings, experience and contacts to make her way in such a demanding world.

After much thought, she came to the conclusion that sex was her trump card. Apart from a good head, Scarlett, she has a body of scandal. She knew that as a luxury escort, she could get a good income, but above all good contacts. She knew girls who handled themselves well in these jurisdictions, and she knew what people they hung out with.

Succeeding among girls

! Said and done! Like a true professional, this dark-skinned beauty, she put her little body to work not long ago. Her face, her body and above all her inexperience make her especially attractive to clients who are always looking for a new face.

She didn't know how she would handle herself in these turbulent environments. She had doubts about how she would react to being with men she did not know. But she was clear that she was her best option to climb quickly in a man's world.

His fears of her were unfounded. A smart, beautiful person, with a good body and a very pleasant personality, only she could succeed. If we also add her sense of professionalism and a job well done, the formula can only lead to success.

It took Scarlett a few days to become one of the most coveted sexual models in Barcelona. Every person who has a date with her, only speaks good words, both about her as a person of her, and about her date in general.

Discovering a new vocation

This new Colombian escort, she feels especially good in her new role. She doesn't really know why, but every new date is a new opportunity for her. She has realized that she is able to control men by giving them what they want the most and that she likes that and she makes her very horny.

She always owns her destiny, and for the moment, civil works and companies will have to wait. It is time to discover why she is so passionate about sex and making men enjoy. She wants to know what it is that she puts so much into it. The forbidden, the lust, the danger, the fact of not knowing who will be your next lover?

Be that as it may, she is enjoying her relationships more and more. Every time she gets better orgasms for her and for her partner on her turn. She enjoys it so much that she gets impatient waiting for new dates. She gets turned on just knowing that she already has a new reserve.

When destiny shows you new paths

Sometimes we may think that we have our destiny in control, but it is our decisions that open new doors and paths that we never even imagined before. For Scarlett, her new situation is the result of her personal decisions and that is why she does not stop making them.

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